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Food in Japan

Go to just about any Japanese person's camera, or photo album, or myspace, or mixi account...and no doubt there will be a LOT of pictures of food. They just can't get enough of food over here. And no wonder, when things taste so good.

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Until next time, Japan is still over here, being Japan, being crazy.


In Japan these days, if you don't have a cell phone(or, keitai) you are behind the times. But despite the fact that everyone has a cell phone, people only talk on them very shortly. Think those Cingular commercials with the constant worries about minutes.

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Let's continue in a posting manner this year, eh?

Tarako pasta sauce

Tarako pasta sauce, a kind of pasta sauce...with fish eggs in it? Has a bunch of really infectious commercials. I thought I might share. This first one is a good introduction to what I mean by infectious.

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Also, I fixed the pictures in my last post, so please check it out again.

Trip to Kyoto - September 2nd

I went to Kyoto on September 2nd with Natsuko and her parents. We visited some sites, ate some delicious food, and sang Karaoke.

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I'll try to write up some stories about my other recent adventures soon, notably my trip to the Danjiri Festival. In the meantime, I've got to study. More. :)


Kyoto Tour

Kyoto Tour
"Kyoto Tour" on Google Video
Kansai Gaidai Kyoto tour on Sept. 1, 2006. I took about 2 hours making the movie, so verbal substance shall have to be added later.
I've searched out some pictures to illustrate how I think that Japan will differ from the US based upon no factual evidence whatsoever.

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