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Food in Japan

Go to just about any Japanese person's camera, or photo album, or myspace, or mixi account...and no doubt there will be a LOT of pictures of food. They just can't get enough of food over here. And no wonder, when things taste so good.

Mmm...delicious...whatever she's eating.

This is an absolutely fantastic restaurant I went to a few weeks ago. It's called Asian Days, and has really nice atmostphere.

It's like shabu-shabu, only we got a flavored sukiyaki style sweet stew. And it was tabehoudai which means "all you can eat." Oh yeah. So they just kept bringing all the vegetables and meat and noodles we could stuff into ourselves for only about $15 a person. It was...a whole lotta food!

Last weekend my friend Matt decided that he HAD to eat McDonalds and KFC because he had been writing about them all night for his paper in his globalization class. Well, I agreed to go with him on his quest, along with our friend Travis.

This is me, post-broken glassses, eating a delicious MAKUDO(McDonald's in Kansai dialect) EBI burger. Now, ebi is shrimp. So I'm eating a shrimp hamburger. Really delicious actually. Doesn't have much on the teriyaki burger, but it's good in its own right. All I had at McDonalds was a fried apple pie, some hot apple-flavored tea, and a ebi burger, leaving room for...

This pot pie from KFC! This thing was seriously delicious, and I was seriously full after I finished it. And the nice workers gave me water even thought I didn't ask for it! Oh the service...I'll miss it.

Today, I went to QQ (the equivalent of a dollar store, but more awesome, because they sell tons of edible food and cheaper drinks) and bought some yummy snacks. First off: mochi.

Mochi is pounded rice. They pound and pound until it becomes a sticky substance. It's not usually sweet on its own, but the inside is always delicious and sweet. (Hey you guys know that bean paste stuff? Well...I love it now. And sometimes it's in mochi, and that I love most of all. mmm...mochi with anko inside...yum yum...but I digress.)

I have no idea what this is inside, but it's delicious.

This is yan-yan, which is sometimes available in the states, but surprisingly, this yan-yan has WRITING on it. And do you know what the writing is? Trivia! Today I learned that Giraffes sleep standing up (this stick says that), that Graham Bell invented the telephone, and that Dolphins and Killer Whales are close relations! Wow! Also it came with sprinkles, which makes it 10x better.

This is a sign in a mall near my dorm. I think it's basically selling a product that makes your eyebrows better? In any case, I think it's hilarious.

This is a sign that's on the way from my dorm to the train station. The Japanese says abunai!, danger. The walkway is by a drainage creek. So don't go to the creek! You'll trip on rocks! You'll drown! You'll step on broken glass and it will suck! And, most importantly, you will be kidnapped/attacked/killed/felt-up by a Kappa monster (there are numerous interpretations of exactly what that thing is doing among the foreign set over here.)

A Kappa monster is like a swamp monster, more or less, except it likes abducting children, which is not something I'm sure that a swamp monster is entirely interested in.

Until next time, Japan is still over here, being Japan, being crazy.



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Nov. 6th, 2006 10:49 pm (UTC)
*lol* That is one dangerous creek :)
My interpretation is that it's a turtle. Maybe there are killer turtle demons in the creek?

I don't like bean paste, maybe just never got to acquire a taste for it, but it seemed like every mochi, cookie and cakey thing I bought in Tokyo had the same unwelcome surprise inside ^^;

Hope you are having fun, you sound like you are :)
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